Club History


Mr Edmund Luke had the house built for his family in 1907. The property was farmed until the 1920s, when "Montuna" Golf Course was built by his sons Ernest and Herbert. The course opened for public use in November 1929. The house was also the postal centre for the local community. Mail from Beaconsfield was delivered daily and placed in personal mail boxes under theeastern verandah. This continued until Lilly Luke, a daughter, established the small corner store in the 1920s which then became the postal centre, and later in 1941, a Post Office. Mr. Luke joined the staff of "The Age" in 1893, and became the first artist and photographer appointed to the newspaper.
The name Montuna was derived from the two younger of the Luke family, Monty and Una.
The idea to form a Golf Links came from Mr Luke Senior. The formation and management of the Course was in the hands of Ernie and Bert Luke who operated successfully until ill health caused them to close the course.
Our involvement came about through a number of locals who used to play at the Lakes Golf Course (now Beacon Hills). The persons concerned were Ernie Dennis, Ossie Williams, George Bould, Vic Barlow, Fred Sulman and Tom Black.
The Lakes, at the time, was owned by the National Mutual Insurance Company. Their manager, H.B. Faulkner, suggested to us that we try to form a local club. We submitted 25 names. Falkiner told us there was to be a meeting of the company the next week at which he would submit our proposition. On his return, Falkiner told us there was nothing doing as a sale to Beacon Hills was possible. The sale eventuated and this was the beginning of the Beacon Hills Club.

Those interested in forming a local Club held a meeting in the Beaconsfield Hall at which it was decided to approach Lukes with a view to making Montuna our home Club.

It was decided to take up our option of purchase. To raise a deposit, seven members each put up one hundred pounds free of interest. J.S. Loverage, W Johnston and T.F. Black were appointed trustees.
In 1946 we started operations without any equipment, all the work being done by Members through working bees and rostering. The late Sid Thewis brought his field mowers and hay rake to do the fairways, the greens were cut by hand mowers.
Our first Greens Mower was purchased from Maggs of Dandenong. The Fairways Mower was bought from the Commonwealth Golf Club.
Before purchasing from Lukes, our water supply was limited to what we could get from the Dam between the third and fifth fairways. After the purchase, we obtained a lease to pump water from the Cardinia Creek (the lease had been held by Lukes). This eased our water problems.
We built the brick and cement tank on the hill and later in 1967 built the dam, also on the hill.


The first was of cement bricks made on the property and built by the members in 1946. This building was demolished to make way for our second building adjacent to the first tee, which is still being used to monitor departures of competitions and for parties of green fees.
In 1964 it was decided to build a new Club House to provide better facilities for members. Plans were drawn up by Rowley Edwards and the building was completed in 1969.
The latest extension to the Club House was completed in 1979. We had two pool tables, carpet bowls, darts and a piano.

The most recent MAJOR REFURBISHMENT to the Club House was completed in 2007 to its current state.


Montuna was originally in West Gippsland Country District, with headquarters at Warragul. Sid Thewis and Tom Black were the delegates.
After the re-allocation of the Country Districts, we were located in the Peninsula District. Sid Thewis and Tom Black were delegates to the Peninsula District Meeting.